Mold, Asbestos, & Lead Paint Consult

For thirty years, Melotte, Morse, Leonatti, Parker, Ltd. (MMLP) has been providing guidance to our clients in health-related issues resulting from the disturbance of hazardous building materials during construction.  Analytical Design Group (ADG), the environmental division of MMLP, is a mold, asbestos, and lead paint consultant. Our team performs inspections on residential, commercial, and industrial properties that may have hazardous materials that could cause indoor air quality concerns such as mold, asbestos, lead-based paint or other potential pollutants.  By conducting a thorough inspection prior to finalizing renovation plans, our clients get both the benefit of advance knowledge of what has to be addressed as part of the total budget well as the assurance that the building will be a safe environment to re-occupy.

If potential health issues are found during an inspection, MMLP/ADG can build into each project a remediation plan, remediation oversight, and monitoring followed by clearance or post-remediation sampling. Our collaborative approach with engineers, home inspectors, and other building professionals, has allowed us to consistently apply affordable solutions to a variety of environmental issues.

There has been increased concern over the potential for asbestos to become airborne during renovation and routine maintenance activities in buildings. Asbestos is a mineral fiber used frequently in a vast variety of building materials in the 20th century, including, insulation, flooring, drywall joint compound, mastics and caulk that can cause serious lung diseases.  Although most American industries have stopped using asbestos, many industrial countries still mine asbestos for their building products.  Since we now are a global market, recent inspections have proven that even new imported building products may contain asbestos.  With 30 years of experience in inspecting and safely removing asbestos-containing materials, we provide the highest level of safety to each and every client. We help each client understand the various regulatory requirements and the options they have for either maintaining materials in place or removing them.  ADG has full-time staff licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health in every category of asbestos consulting.

Lead-based paint can be found in older structures on anything from the walls, windows, siding and soffits. Although the use of lead-based paint was stopped in the late 70’s, and is probably presently under several layers of latex paint, as the outer layers of paint deteriorate or peel, the lower layers of paint will become exposed and potentially contaminate any surfaces below the paint films.  Our firm has state of the art detection equipment that provides immediate results and have the experience to provide a comprehensive consultation of how to correct any lead-based paint issues you may have on your property. Let us guide you through lead-based paint removal to ensure occupant safety and peace of mind.  ADG has full-time staff licensed in all categories of Lead-Based Paint consulting.

As buildings have been modified to become more air-tight to increase energy efficiency, more humidity has been trapped in these buildings.  Mold loves moisture and can grow on nearly any surface that has become wet.  Mold spores growing in a building damage building materials and can lead to possible health concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control, mold exposure can result in symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, coughing and wheezing, aggravated asthma symptoms, allergic reactions, and other respiratory illnesses. ADG staff have been conducting mold inspections for the last decade.  Not only can we determine from the sampling protocol whether mold is at elevated levels in the building, our staff’s architectural background allows them to more accurately find the source of the problem and provide guidance on how to correct it.  Whereas most consultants can advise their clients how to clean-up mold contamination, most do not have the architectural background to correct the building problems that caused the mold to form in the first place.

We are specialized, trusted, and experienced in mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint consulting. Let our professionals guide you through the myriad of federal and state regulations to ensure the protection of your building occupants through inspection, risk assessment, and remediation.