Architectural Design

MMLP has a wide variety of designs completed over the time of our existence. In some cases, clients are looking for a specified image. In others, we are designing additions or expansions that need to be cohesive to the original structures. For existing building clients including churches and schools, we have developed designs to make better use of existing structures.

Environmental Consulting

MMLP has an in-house division called Analytical Design Group (ADG) that helps clients with hazardous materials in buildings. We are licensed to inspect and design mitigation for Mold, Asbestos and Lead. Any building built before 1978 has the possibility of containing lead based paint, but any building ever built could contain asbestos or mold. One of the great advantages of MMLP/ADG is the natural coordination between inspection results and identifying causes and between mitigation and solving underlying issues. This is especially true of mold which invariably can be linked to a water problem, which is usually a construction issue.

Interior Design

MMLP has a registered interior designer on staff who has the capacity to do space planning, design development and assisting the client with finishes and materials selections. MMLP will take the time to understand you, your project and goals. Instead of imposing an aesthetic on you, we start by listening and will incorporate your style, tastes and needs into the design concept to enhance the functionality of the space. We want you to enjoy the space you spend your valuable time in. Our mission is to work with clients to create a more beautiful environment through inspiration and design.


Ever want to know what your building or renovation project will look like before you invest in construction? MMLP does all our projects in Revit, which is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system. Your project is a virtual 3 dimensional model of what your project will become. At the touch of a button, shaded 3-D views are available. They can be sliced in any location for an inside look. One particular handy view is a tilted 3-D floor plan. Many clients find them much easier to read than a flat plan drawing. If clients want, photo-realistic images or a virtual walk-through can be produced.

Sustainability or Green Building

MMLP has been "green" for our entire existence. Born in the late 1970’s and fresh from the Oil Crisis (look it up), MMLP advised our clients on smart energy design. We started with non-profits and showed them it was in their best long-term interest to invest in energy conservation measures (ECM’s). Since then, the Sustainable Building or Green Building movement has burgeoned and MMLP is still recommending ECM’s to our clients. We have several Certified Green Buildings in our portfolio, but almost all our buildings are green in fact. We are your best choice whether you are building new or considering improvement in your existing infrastructure.

Feasibility Studies

We can review existing facilities or planned expansions for their cost-effectiveness. MMLP has completed feasibility studies for historic buildings, governmental agencies and private commercial entities. We also offer Physical Needs Assessments (Housing Development Agencies), Rental Demonstration Assistance tools (Housing and Urban Development) and Capital Needs Assessments (Rural Development) needed to apply for the various funding sources.


MMLP prides ourselves on our planning skills. Whether you’re a facility manager trying to plan how to use scarce resources to best effect, or a campus manager looking to plan the next generation of structures, MMLP can be a great help. We can bring decades of experience to bear on future-proofing your facilities. Many of our repeat clients have taken advantage of our planning abilities to implement phased projects.