Experienced Commercial Architects

Melotte Morse Leonatti Parker, LTD. (MMLP) are experienced commercial architects in Illinois. Our commercial architecture projects are related to commerce and can include retail businesses, shopping centers, storefronts, businesses, and much more.

We meet with the client to define the overall needs. Here’s where we aim to be specific and very detailed for accuracy. We’ll meet with representatives at different levels of the organization to understand how they conduct business and ensure that we meet all the practical requirements. We then look to the organization’s public image, publications, and marketing materials to get a sense of both design taste and preference.

A Proactive Approach to Design

We design commercial buildings with safety, accessibility, and structural integrity in mind. This requires a proactive approach to design. We don’t stop there though. We are creative, flexible, and innovative in meeting your needs.

Our commitment is to enhance and protect both the cultural and natural environments of the communities we serve. If You are ready to begin your commercial project, contact us at 217-789-9515.