Church Architect

We Design For All Faiths

Melotte, Morse, Leonatti, Parker, Ltd. has a passion for outstanding church design. Though it is long held that the church is in fact “the people” – the parish or congregation – the church building with a creative and mindful design, is the public expression of the theology, faith and personality of church. And we provide architecture in the service of faith, not the reverse. Our sensitive and interactive church design process respects your budget and provides for the most appropriate sanctuary, fellowship hall, education classrooms and community outreach centers.

We Are The Most Experienced Church Design Firm

MMLP has pioneered effective design methods and strategies that create a custom church design. Our Church Facility Evaluation Worksheets allow for full and integrated participation of the church planning committees and the congregation as a whole. We are the most experienced church design firm in Central Illinois, fully capable of leading any religious organization through a rewarding and enjoyable building program.

We can help give your church a unique design that reflects your congregation

As active elders and deacons in our own home churches, and actively serving continuously on the boards of nonprofit agencies, the architectural partners understand the dynamics and sometimes complicated relationships within church hierarchies. We know because we have been there. We know that the final architectural expression of your well-designed church will highlight the unique personality of your congregation or parish, help to build and enrich your ministries, and play a vital role in attracting congregants to worship and enhancing fellowship.

Let us make the experience of designing a new building a rewarding one. Our goal is to provide exclusive church plans and a unique interactive design process to create a space that inspires both you and your congregation.