Interior Architecture & Design

Interior Design & Space Planning

Melotte, Morse, Leonatti, Parker provides interior design and space planning services to public agencies, school districts and private clients. Our mission is to work with clients to create a more beautiful and sustainable environment through inspiration and design.

With Lisa Williams heading the Interior Design services division, MMLP furnishes a driving focus on the interiors of buildings and we work to understand how each individual client utilizes its workspaces and interior areas and what each client requires from their built environment in order to be successful, inspired, and comfortable.

Led by Lisa Williams, MMLP Interiors works with national furnishings manufacturers; area furnishings installers and maintains a resource data-base of the most current and innovative furniture, products and office systems.

Creative Design and Client Engagement

Creative Design and Client Engagement is our foundation and the first step we take is to gain an in-depth understanding of each client’s culture and personality. Instead of imposing an aesthetic on you, we carefully listen, conduct a rigorous programming excise and will incorporate your style, tastes, technology and ergonomic comfort into the design concept to enhance the functionality of the space.

We, as interior architects, designers, and strategists, know we have a great impact and influence within client communities in Central Illinois. MMLP is a leading interior architecture and design firm in Springfield, IL and we have a human-centered approach that places our clients first. Let us create an unmatched environment where you will thrive